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a predictable risk is a preventable risk according to Nemer Haddad

July 22, 2013

According to risk and security advsior Nemer Haddad a predictable risk is a preventable risk. This statement however doesn’t betray what we should do about the unpredictable events?True planning includes a preparation mindset, training, critique, and drill. A crisis is no time to learn if you are ready. 

Our consultants come principally from military and law enforcement backgrounds and have many years’ experience working in the crisis management arena. Whilst they have a broad range of crisis experience, we have specific expertise in the management of terrorism, kidnap for ransom and political risks.

Marlon International ( can assist your organization with the development and implementation of crisis management plans and train, mentor and exercise the crisis management team. To ensure complete organizational resilience, we can assist you with the maintenance of your system by conducting periodic audits and training.

Organisations that develop robust crisis management plans and structures ahead of an incident increase their resilience, which can help to protect shareholder value. Advisors such as Nemer Haddad at marlon International can assist you with risk awareness, prevention and response to ensure you have adequate measures in place to protect your people, assets and brand. We can also work with your own crisis management and resilience teams to ensure they are equipped to reduce your vulnerability.