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Nemer Haddad-How to act during an earthquake

July 03, 2013

If you live in California or near an area that experiences a large number of earthquakes you need to learn how to survive an earthquake. Get the youtube video download online software an start downloading videos from experts in this area. The information that the government provides you is just the bare minimum but with these YouTube videos you stand a fighting chance.

Individuals who travels to destinations in eg asia are at a greater risk of being cauht if the building collapses on itself. If you are visiting in an area that is not overly populated, head outside away from buildings. There will be aftershocks and you could get crushed by a falling building when those aftershocks come. Pack an emergency radio so you can listen to broadcasts by the government letting you know where there are support services, food and water. It would be smart to pack emergency rations and water so you can last up to a week. If you smell “rotten eggs” run ! this is a natural gas leak that could explode at any time. Consultans such as Nemer Haddad at Marlon international can help your organization befire during and after travelling in business from a security perspective.