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Risk management

July 03, 2013

People hire security guard services because they need them. They’re not really convinced by the worth of employing a security guard. Therefore they merely find a couple businesses to choose from and generally hire the cheapest one. Others think that a lot of companies are exactly the same and will simply supply a guard. Additionally they mostly try to engage the company.

I don’t understand where the preconceived notions are coming from and I am only assuming that a lot of folks have made bad experiences with security guards or security companies. Nevertheless, I know that clients should not bother employing a guard if it is not by some particular criteria, because they are just throwing away their money for a false sense of safety. A great professional security company will provide security and add value to their client’s business.

The security consultant such as Nemer Haddad and many other professional guards will identify risk factors, formulate a security plan, create a relationship with local law enforcement and make recommendations for safety and security plan for employees. A security consultant will create customized post orders, select the best security guards for the post and train them. A security consultant will even recommend procedures and behaviors that may add value to the client’s business. My recommendation to potential customers of security companies is to go into the hiring process with an open mind. You can find many very professional security companies out there which take pride in their service and the professionalism of their security guards. You can consult security consultant like Nemer Haddad, etc. The customer should not make assumptions from security services as it is actually a job anybody could do. Officers receive very specify training to get licensed and additional training at the great security companies in order to provide outstanding service and make good choices.

Security companies should have an excellent concept from hiring people to training them and holding them accountable.
They should have people that communicate with customers frequently and will respond to emergencies and situations promptly. In turn hiring the company will make business more difficult for your customer.